Selasa, 12 Februari 2013

Flower boy next door eps 11

"Because people aren’t machines or toys built in factories, we’re special and complicated. Our uses, the colors of our hearts, our scents, our pressure points or weaknesses that hurt even when something grazes it—everyone is different. One must look for a long while just to make out their outlines. That’s why that woman doesn’t believe in fateful loves. She didn’t believe."

Rabu, 06 Februari 2013

That girl part 8

Why do people hate other people? Why do they treat them differently? Why do they want to step on the weak? There must be people who aren’t like that. Where are all those people? I thought if there were just one person like that, it would be nice. Since then, being alone was always more comfortable.

That girl’s door did not open for a long time. Invitations began to pile on her doorstep, two, then three.
A person who came close like a new breeze, a person who blocks a gale like a shelter from the wind.
For the first time, that girl grows afraid of her own desire to open her door.

Minggu, 03 Februari 2013


Di kepala sekarang ini cuman satu : lulus. 100% murni lulus karena kemampuan sendiri karena proses 3 tahun yang serba rumit. H-15 menuju asisten apoteker bersama teman-teman, tidak senang tidak sedih, just really really curious. Setelah ini gimana? Perasaan uda lulus gimana? Ortu gimana? Puas ga ya? Like a child having her first day school.
Tiap hari dikomporin terus, dibayang-bayangi upk yang tidak pernah kehilangan detiknya menghantui kita, proses selama 3 tahun ditentukan selama 3 jam di lab. i bet we're so ready to face it. Neugencie, bismillah aja ya. Fire!