Selasa, 05 April 2016

A letter to my husband

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

I finally write this letter after few times  of considerations, and thoughts, and it's out. Why? First, because I'm still new at making romantically beautiful poem and second, I'm embarassed my letter will be read by the receiver :p haha

Dear my husband who keeps Istiqamah on His path,
Alhamdulillah for every blessings that He gives from the moment your parents came to me, asked my will to marry you until this second, we're sitting together, doing our school's stuff. Eventhough, there is always any kinds of difficulties that Allah gives to us, to get through every single year of our marriage. Which likely one of my Mother's friend said " if you pass the first five years, then you'll enter 'safe' zone". But, I believe, in shaa Allah, we'll get through His heaven.

My husband who loves his wife because of Allah,
I can't deny how happy I am now as your wife, part of your life. Indeed, I am part of your life since before we're married, aren't I, my elemantary school's enemy friend ? :D

My husband who's turning 22 now,
Thank you, جزاك الله خيرا for bring me to place where Rasulullah was born, take responsibility of me, promise to my Mother and Father, choose to be with me in bad and good times, in happiness and sorrows.

April 2 2016
-Your 20 years old's wife-

*P.S: -saya menerjemahkannya dalam bahasa Inggris karena ada teman kelas saya (dari Eropa) di kampus yang penasaran apa yang saya tulis :) maaf bahasanya masih belepotan hehe
-I translate it into English for my dear friend, Diana. I hope we'll keep in touch even after school ends. Also, look forward to us communicate well in Arabic haha soon, in shaa Allah <3 font="">

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